You must have a vague idea of coding and its programming languages, but I will try to piggyback off it to make you all learn a lot more.

In this tech-savvy world, we consider Computers as the real blessing with their magnificent characteristics but; they are really, really dumb!. They only understand what you code, not what you meant. (Poor PC)

“A Programmer and a Coder walks into a bar.

Here comes a new techiee-llaaaa shot- says the bartender”.

Picking up on that joke, Coding and Programming are the two sides of the same coin. As we know computers only understand & interacts via binary code popularly called machine code. (However, it makes little sense to humans)

Coding and Programming are the reason for the existence of the new world. There is no software or electronics which don’t use binary, or some other codes.

I wonder why this curriculum is not included in subjects in schools. (Think of it this way)


In simple words, Coding is the sub-portion of programming, which deals with the initial steps of programming. Coding expedite communications between machines and humans (only if the code you entered is right).

Computers do what it has been told to do, (Computers are obedient, and it may sound great) this has only been due to codes. A document full of codes are termed as script.

Coding is the initial mark of programming. They align it to more languages and are less intensive when compared with programming. Coding is language-oriented and is just a start for vivid programmers.

For instance, Open any browser window and enter Ctrl+U, and you will find the script of codes / full markup of the page. The unrecognizable text that you will see is exactly what coding is.

In short; Coding is cool, be like Coding!

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Who are coders?

‘Welcome to the world of Coders!’

Below are different methods to code for the above line.

In JAVA language

Class Simple {

Public static void main (String args[ ]) {

System.out.println (“Welcome to the world of Coders!”);






<title> XYZ </title>



<h1> Welcome to the world of Coders! </h1>

<p style=”height: 50px; color: blue”>Welcome to the world of Coders!</p>



Coders are translators who interprets and translates logics into machine readable codes at production level. On gaining experience coders turn-up to programmers.

There is a full range of coders varying from one another by the niche of their specialization. Every language has its own needs and purposes, some for web, other for app development. A coder is someone who is code literate/ who fully understands the technical language such as Java, Html, CSS, Python, JavaScript, etc. (something which your grandmother won’t understand) and use it depending upon the purpose.

Beehive of programming

Programming is a very detail-oriented and broader niche. Coding is a much easier job than programming.

In programming, programmers run the script of codes developed by coders. Coders codes at intermediate level and then makes up the task for a programmer.

The responsibility of a programmer is to;

Generate things, thrive logics, inspect problems and finally run and execute the program.

Who are programmers?

Programmers are the designers who work meticulously as a developer, software engineer, coder, analyst and more.

Programmers are the upgraded version of coders who creates applications and software by following programming techniques and languages. (Congratulations buddy! You now own creative freedom)

They are the real ambassadors of programming skills. They make a code work optimally faultless & flawless until they achieve an acceptable error level. They also do testing, debugging and maintenance programming (changing, updating, etc.)

It is popularly said as all programmers are coders, but all coders are not programmers.

Face-off battle between coding v/s Programming

CODING                 PROGRAMMING

                                           #01 DEFINITION


It is the subset of programming, which means to code a set of instructions, i.e. English to machine language. It is the superset of coding which means to obey the codes/ instructions generated by a coder. Programmers run a program with a bunch of codes.



They should be well known to all the programming languages (Java, JavaScript, Html, Python, PHP, and many others).


Despite having a piece of strong knowledge in all programming languages, they are also skilled in problem-solving critical parameters i.e. testing, debugging and implementation. (Tiring enough, I must say)


#03 Approach


Coders only inform the computer of what needs to be done. In simpler words, they only translate and write about codes from other language.


Programmers compile all the codes and simply use it. They build a feasible program to deliver desired outputs with the analysis of data structures, execution of algorithms, etc.


#04 Strain level


They are at junior level, therefore, possess less intricacies and stress.


Being at a superior level they encounter more hassle paths. (Problems of being an elder brother) Programmers with the depth of the experience needed for this position.


#05 Tools


Text editor mainly (It follows ‘less is more’ concept)

Code generators, Modelling programs, Tools for analysis (More is even more)


#06 Output


A segment of a project. Fully functioning software applications.

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