Web Designing- Types and Tools

Let us shed some light on it.


In simple words, Web designing is making content for websites by primarily using HTML and CSS with addition to some designing tools like Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop and many more.

The primary aim of designing a webpage is to create custom designs. Great designs rear-up the trust of user’s enhancing user interface.

Every website is different, and therefore, simplicity should be rooted. It allows users to be centric.

Web designing is innovative vein of a designer who implies some best visual languages to build amazing layouts.

‘Web designing is the proficiency of developers to roll out striking designs’

A winning design can only be created keeping an eye on the audience. Color schemes, graphics, content styling, typography, user interface, layout of pages, etc. Everything should come in relevant equilibrium so that it resonates with user interface terms.

Types of Website designs


  • Fixed Web Design-

It is also called Static Web Design, where page width is set predominantly. The content of the website is organized not to move. No matter whatever width size or resolution the device/screen has it will show the whole content in the same manner. The biggest setback is that when viewing from small screens it hides the content affecting user interface.

  • Fluid/Liquid Web Design-

It is called Dynamic Web Design. Here websites sets in the same percentage of space with regard to the user screen/ devices. The advantage of fluid design is that it has relative fonts and width units which can be adjusted according to the need of viewer and is more flexible than fixed Web Design.

  • Responsive Web Design-

Responsive Web Design aims to view websites on various devices, windows without resizing formats and resolutions. The edge of responsive web design is the users do not have to resize and scroll horizontally or vertically covering the particular website. These days, People access websites more on mobile phones and tablets than on computers. Therefore, responsive Web design tops the list in this present era with high utility and relativity. It is highly handy and efficient.

  • Adaptive Web Design-

Here several formats of layouts are visible depending upon the screen size of user device. The positions and size of fonts and various elements of websites can be adjusted frequently.Thus, contents over this web design are adaptable and increases user readability. But, not productive than responsive web design.

It is a personalize application of Web Development intended mainly for web developers and designers. Its developer edition is modified and much advance than the regular version of Firefox. Firefox developer has a web audio editor feature that enables you to inspect web audio APIs in real-time.

It also comes with a responsive design view which showcases how a particular website will look on different screens and resolutions. Other than that Console, network monitor, CSS style editor, JS debugger, page inspector are all other features of Firefox developer.


2: Adobe Photoshop

It is popular commercial graphics editor and is available for all Windows and Mac operating systems. This is one of the best application for creating designs and have enhancement features with perfect color hue.

The significance of this application is the composition of several color models like RGB, CMYK, CIECAB, Spot color, and duotone. It also allows us to develop and mix Photoshop elements, sketches and comprise 3D effects plugins that come with 3D extrusions.


3: WordPress

Management System in use and is established on the grounds on PHP and MySQL. Its key features are classic editor plugins which create elevation in user interface, automatic filters, visual editors, and also enables to develop own custom themes.

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4: Gimp

It is a graphic editor aimed specifically for Web Designers. GIMP is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

It has easy access tools for image editing, masking, color blending, and create stunning animations.


5: Adobe Dreamweaver

It is a commercial application for web development accessible for Mac and Windows operating system. Adobe Dreamweaver is also termed as an integrated development environment (IDE) tool.

It also has some advanced tools like real-time syntax checking, availability of more than 17+ languages, line view, workflow elements. The biggest advantage is that it can be unified with another adobe products as well.

Some other worth mentioning Web Designing applications are namely,

  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Site Builder
  • Bootstrap
  • Notepad++
  • Canva
  • Web flow
  • Adobe Muse

Let’s create a winning design!

For any Queries and questions, Comment below. Spawn Point is here to help you out.

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